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About the FCAA

The Financial Counseling Association of American (FCAA) is a membership association comprised of the nation’s leading credit counseling agencies. Its members provide consumer credit counseling, housing counseling, student loan counseling, bankruptcy counseling, debt management and various financial education services to consumers across the United States.

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To schedule an interview with an FCAA financial counseling expert, please submit a request online, and we will respond within 24 hours. If you are on an immediate deadline, please call Lori Pollack at 866-278-1567.

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pen lying on a paper showing "past due" notice

CBS Report: How to Get Help With Your Credit Card Debt, According to Experts

While [using credit cards] can help fill in the gaps in your budget, it comes at a hefty price. ... One of the hardest parts of facing your credit card journey is looking at the mountain of credit card debt you've accrued. But, it's also one of the first steps in managing it.

Post-Holiday Debt Consolidation Through SoFi? Here’s What You Need To Know

FCAA President Martin Lynch weighs in on the pros and cons of turning to private refinancers for debt consolidation. Banks like SoFi are offering such loans to pay off credit cards and other major debts. Read the article in the Times Square Investment Journal.

array of credit cards

Associated Press Report: Credit Card Delinquencies Are Rising. Here’s What To Do If You're At Risk.

Seriously overdue credit card debt is at the highest level in more than a decade, and people 35 and under are struggling more than other age groups to pay their bills. The FCAA offers advice in this interview.

Financial Counseling Helping Utahns Ease Debt Burden During High Inflation

With high inflation, people who are already struggling to pay off debt — or pay basic bills — could end up in a big financial bind if they over use credit cards. For people already burdened by debt, including credit card debt, a financial counselor is a good option.

woman sitting on sofa worrying about credit card debt

Credit Card APRs Are on the Rise: What This Means for You

Having a good credit score can earn you competitive interest rates on credit cards. But as credit card APRs trend upward, even those with good credit will have higher rates as the baseline has increased. Consumers with poor credit will feel the hike the most.

Could You Benefit From Credit Counseling? Answer These Questions First

The FCAA talks with The Wall Street Journal about how households grappling with high-interest debt and the resumption of student-loan repayments could benefit from non-profit financial counseling and debt management.

Press Releases

woman making a budget to avoid holiday debt

3 Smart Strategies to Avoid Holiday Debt

The upcoming holiday season can bring a mixture of emotions for many people. When money is tight, joyful gatherings and gift exchanges can cause anxiety and stress. Follow these smart strategies to stay out of debt over the holidays. Holiday giving and how people pay People love to give around

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young woman worrying about student loan repayments

Student Loan Repayments Restart This Month

Prepare for your student loan bill and learn about options to help with student loan debt After a three-year pause, federal student loan repayments started up again on October 1. For nearly 45 million borrowers, the added burden of student loan payments may make life a lot harder. Today, many

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Industry Experts

Scheduling Expert Interviews

FCAA member agencies have industry experts who can speak on a variety of personal finance topics – including credit card debt, student loan debt, housing-related debts and living on a budget. We will be happy to connect you to the best source depending on your topic.

Representing the organization directly, FCAA president, Martin Lynch, is also available for media interviews.

We understand the nature of media deadlines and will respond to your resource requests quickly and efficiently.

Martin Lynch

Martin Lynch
President, FCAA

Martin Lynch is President of the Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA), a membership and trade association comprised of 21 non-profit credit counseling agencies providing free and nominal fee-based services to consumers nationwide. For two decades, he has also served as Compliance Manager and Director of Education at Cambridge Credit Counseling in Agawam, Massachusetts. In addition to his compliance duties, Lynch also conducts free seminars and webinars for a variety of nonprofits representing teachers and public employee unions; public schools and colleges; and incarcerated individuals preparing for their release into the community, among other groups. He is an authority on personal finance and has been cited in articles appearing in The Wall Street JournalUSA Today,, Money, NerdWallet, LendingTree and a host of other news outlets. In 2024, Lynch was invited to participate in the U.S. State Department’s Business Fellows program, serving as a host and advisor to business executives from El Salvador.

Lynch is available to speak on a variety of finance topics including:

  • U.S. economic trends
  • Consumer credit usage
  • Debt management options
  • Student loan debt, federal repayment plans and loan forgiveness
  • Financial education
  • Credit building: scores and reports
  • Credit card debt
  • Budgeting and saving strategies
  • Debt management regulation
  • Credit repair scams