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Are You:

  • Making monthly credit card payments yet not making a dent in your balance(s)?
  • Paying late fees and being charged interest on your credit card balance(s)?
  • Trying to decide which bills to pay?
  • Regularly dipping into savings to pay your expenses?
  • Experiencing unexpected financial burdens?
  • Using payday loans to help pay your expenses?

An FCAA Member Can Help:

  • Your counseling session is always free of charge
  • A certified credit counselor will review your budget with you. You are under no obligation to enroll in a Debt Management Plan (DMP-a creditor approved plan that allows you to pay off your unsecured credit card debt(s)
  • Recommendations will be made based upon your specific financial situation
  • By also providing first-time homebuyer education, housing counseling, bankruptcy credit counseling and student loan counseling

FCAA Members:

  • Do not require you enroll in a DMP to receive counseling
  • Are all licensed or registered in states where they offer services
  • Are held to strict operating standards
  • Employ nationally recognized certified credit counselors
  • Will never sell your information

FCAA member agencies are ready to help. Please fill in your information to speak with an agency for help about your individual situation.

DISCLAIMER: FCAA members offer free financial education, counseling and as appropriate, options and programs to help consumers get out of debt. FCAA member agencies adhere to licensing requirements set by the states in which they offer their services to consumers.

Financial Counseling Association of America
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DISCLAIMER: The FCAA is a member-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit national association representing financial counseling companies that provide consumer credit counseling, housing counseling, student loan counseling, bankruptcy counseling, debt management, and various financial education services.

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